The name of the author is Viktor Vlaesku and in he will publish his selected author photographs and projects that he realized over the past 10 years and continue at the moment.

He still works under the sign of the analog photography, but the black and white films are his love at first sight.

Most photographs were taken with his beloved telemetric camera from year 1969 - Zorkii 4 with two lenses / 2.8/35mm and 2/50mm /. When he had the strength to bear his 5 kg bag and still remained unseen, he was shooting with mega-gun Canon EOS 33.

All photographs are scanned and processed by using the correction of the color balance. Some frames are trimmed /crop/. All the effects you can see are due to the particularities of the analog equipment from the last century. is a combination of the creative metamorphoses of the author and his personal perception of the surrounding world.

All photographs are copyrighted but free for sharing, if you follow the requirements of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5, ie you must identify the author, his license and that you agree that others to use them the same way.

This site reaches you thanks to Slavi, who helped in building it and to Ficeto who settled the more complex matters.

Thanks to Russi, for the gift of 30 black-and-white films with expired term /before 30 years ago/ who changed my concept for the experimental photography.