born 1980, rousse, bulgaria
lives and works in sofia, bulgaria

2014 – sensual, outdoor exhibition, plovdiv
2011 – “dance performances and artistic preferences”
by choreographer galina borisova, book photography
2008 – live in concert, the red house center for culture
and debate, sofia
2008 – live in concert, bridge festival,
elias canetti center, rousse
2003 – ceramic exhibition, new bulgarian university, sofia

2021 – beyond the horizon: ‘nonsofia’ group exhibition, doza gallery, sofia

2020 – beyond the horizon: new burgas, ‘nonsofia’ group exhibition, national academy of art – magaziya 1, burgas

2020 – beyond the horizon, ‘nonsofia’ group exhibition, varna city art gallery

2020 – memorial of the bulgarian political elite, public installaiton, water tower park, sofia

2015 – whose monument is this?, public installaiton,
water tower park, sofia
2013 – group exhibition, plastelin gallery, sofia
2012 – annual exhibition of section 13,
shipka 6 gallery,sofia